Support Groups

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1   Web Link   NZ CAH Support Group
NZ CAH Support Group
2   Web Link   CARES Foundation
CARES Foundation
3   Web Link   Adrenal Hyperplasia Network
Adrenal Hyperplasia Network
4   Web Link   CLAN - Caring and Living as Neighbours
CLAN is dedicated to the dream that all children living with chronic health conditions in resource-poor countries of the world will enjoy a quality of life on par with that of their neighbours in wealthier countries.
5   Web Link   CLIMB - CAH Support Group UK
CLIMB - CAH Support Group UK
6   Web Link   CAH Great Ormond Street Parent and Patient Support Group
CAH Is Us - Great Ormond Street Hospital
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1   Web Link   About Kids Health
An excellent resource with diagrams to explain CAH
2   Web Link   Wikipedia entry for CAH
Wikipedia entry for CAH
3   Web Link   Facebook Group (not related to CAHSGA)
Facebook Group (not related to CAHSGA)
4   Web Link   Better Health Fact Sheet
Better Health Fact Sheet
5   Web Link   Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Education and Support Network
This has an Australian Message Board
6   Web Link   National Adrenal Foundation (US)
National Adrenal Foundation (US)
7   Web Link   Texas Department of Health
About Newborn Screening in Texas
8   Web Link   Hormone and Me booklets
A series of booklets developed about Hormone conditions available for download.
9   Web Link   Paediatric Endocrine Units in Australia
List of Paediatric Endocrine Units in Australia
10   Web Link   Royal Children's Hospital Victoria - Adrenal Crisis Prevention
Adrenal Crisis Prevention
11   Web Link   Genitoplasty Surgery
An Article on Surgical Management of CAH
12   Web Link   CAH Factsheet
Another Useful Factsheet
13   Web Link   Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children CAH Resources
A Useful Set of CAH Resources From an English Children's Hospital
14   Web Link   Management of Emergency or Stress Situations
The APEG guide for management of adrenal crises etc
15   Web Link   CAH Pep Talk Website
Sydney Children's Hospital CAH Resource Website

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