Products & Resources

Products & Resources

Are you after good books and resources to do with CAH? 

The Support Group has sourced many great products in bulk and can provide them to you at extremely competitive prices. For offline orders, please download our product catalogue and order form.


Product Catalogue

Book — CAH: A Parents' Guide
by C.Y Hsu and Scott Rivkees, MD.

Buy for $35 + $5 postage

Book - CAH: A Parent's GuideThis exceptional book is an invaluable manual for anyone affects by CAH. Although entitled a "Parents' Guide" it would also be well received by adolescents and adults with CAH.

This 282 page book is co-authored by the mother of a CAH son and world renowned Endocrinologist who has shown a special interest in CAH, Dr Scott Rivkees. This joint effort has resulted in a remarkable collection of knowledge for the interested person covering a host of topics. A wonderful resource!


Book — Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Canada

Buy for $25 +$5 postage

CAH - British Columbia Children' Hospital, CanadaThis booklet has been around since 2003 and is published by the British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Canada and entitled ‘Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). Apart from general information about how CAH is diagnosed and treated, (including the use of hydrocortisone injections) there is an overview of special issues encountered for girls throughout the newborn period, infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Being a Canadian publication some of the treatment modes may vary from Australian standards. Nevertheless this will help publication those dealing with the difficult early days after diagnosis.

Silicon Wrist Bands


CAH Silicon Wristbands

We have had these wristbands personalised by the wonderful people at Star Allergy Alerts especially for people with CAH. The each say Adrenal Insufficiency Give Cortisone.

The wristbands are made of food grade silicone, easily sterilized. They are 100% hypo-allergenic (non-toxic) and latex free.

They have soft, rounded and pliable edges that are less likely to catch on foreign objects and are designed to safely break and snap if enough force is applied.

Medport Medication Case
(with techni-ice pack) 

Buy for $15

Medport Medication CaseThe Florinef medication requires refrigeration. Most tablets and prescriptions require storage under 25 degrees.

These Medport thermal cases are perfect for traveling with tablets or Solu-Cortef. They will fit up to 4 tablet bottles or your Solu-Cortef and accessories. These cases can fit into a handbag or glove box.

These are very practical for school or work use. Also included are Techni-ice cooler blocks that will fit inside the Medport case.

Engraved Medical Identification Bracelet
(many colours and designs available) 

Buy for $35

Medical Identification BraceletWith so many new products on the market we spent some time looking in to what products were best. This product is fantastic because of the low cost, adjustable band, and large range of designs.

The bands are easily adjustable from toddler size through to adult. The bands are fantastic because they can just be thrown into the wash. These are ready to use with the engraving already done for CAH. We have various designs and colours available. Please email to discuss.

Magnet - Adrenal Crisis Action Plan
(limits apply to orders) 

The support group has developed this magnet in conjunction with specialists across Australia. The purpose of the magnet is to have easily accessible and basic guidelines that may assist families in the event of adrenal crisis.>

Easy to read and great for parents, grandparents and caregivers of a child who has CAH.

Adrenal Crisis Action Plan Magnet

CAH Emergency Wallet Card
(limits apply to orders) 

Emergency Wallet Card - Adrenal InsufficiencyA credit card size emergency card which folds out with room for personal details of the person with CAH.

Other features include the important warning about giving cortisone prior to surgery. Also included is additional treatment information that may be required in an emergency.

Download Managed Care Plan

Download an example Managed Care Plan than many of our members have found useful for school, carers and hospitals alike.

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